Russian Orthodox Community
in Gloucestershire & Cotswolds

Service schedule in Cheltenham: 

Dear brothers and sisters:

We look forward to welcoming you to All Saints Church on the second Saturday of each month (unless advised otherwise)

Weekly services are available at sister parishes including:




London (Chiswick)



Next Service:

Saturday in Cheltenham:

Join us on Saturday! Присоединяйтесь к нам в субботу!

Russian Orthodox Mission of Holy Prince Vladimir services

@All Saints Church, Cheltenham


Divine Liturgy on

Saturday (To be announced)

Confession: 09:30

Reading of the Hours: 10:00

Divine Liturgy: 10:30

Serving: Hieromonk Mark


Note: on Saturdays when Liturgies are not served, Readers Services are held at11am

Akathist services are held every Wednesday & Sunday at 7.00 pm (online)

Божественная Литургия в

Суббота (Будет объявлено позже)

Начало исповеди: 09:30

Начало чтения часов: 10:00

Начало Божественной Литургии: 10:30

Служит: Иеромонах Марк


По субботам, когда Литургии не служатся, читаются молитвы под руководством чтеца.

Чтение онлайн-акафистов проводится по средам и воскресеньям в 19:00.


Russian Orthodox Mission of Holy Prince Vladimir – Gloucestershire

The Lady Chapel, All Saints Church, All Saints Rd, Cheltenham GL52 2HG  

  Tel: 07467 510339 



Join by Google Meet link --


По субботам, когда Литургии не служатся, читаются молитвы под руководством чтеца.

Чтение онлайн-акафистов проводится по четвергам и воскресеньям в 19:00.

Address: The Lady Chapel, All Saints Church, All Saints Road, Pitville, Cheltenham. GL52 2HG






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PRIVATE PRAYER AT OUR TEMPLE (see English translation below) 

Дорогие братья и сестры!

В соответствии с указаниями правительства по социальному дистанцированию и согласно соблюдению правил собрания в религиозных местах, а также с благословения отца Марка, начиная с субботы 20 июня, наш русский православный приход в церкви Всех Святых будет открыт для частных молитв:
Суббота (с 10:00 до 13:00)

Мы будем продолжать молиться соборно, читая акафисты в GoogleMeet или других онлайн-платформах по средам и воскресеньям (19:00).


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In accordance with Government guidance on social distancing and reading of rules on gathering at places of worship, and with the blessing of Father Mark, starting on Saturday 20th June, our Russian Orthodox parish at All Saints Church will be open for private prayer on:
Saturdays (10:00 - 13:00hrs)

We will continue to pray Akathist services via GoogleMeet or other online platforms on Wednesdays and Sundays (19:00hrs). 

With love in Christ,
Enquiries phone: 
(English): 07467 510339 
(Russian): 07783 278457


Parish of Holy Prince Vladimir 
Our Parish, a member of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR), worships at the Lady Chapel, All Saints Church, All Saints Rd, Cheltenham GL52 2HG
Next Akathist: to Our Sweetest Lord Jesus ( in Church Slavonic & English) Wednesday 17th June at 7pm


Please check this Facebook Page and our parish website for details and updates.


God is with us! Съ нами Богъ!


Dear brothers and sisters. No one should feel alone or without friends who care and pray for them, especially at this time when we are required by law, to stay at home. If you have a prayer request or just need to speak please contact Philip 07467 510339 ( English) or Lora (Russian) 07783 278457.

You will also be able to message us individually via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger (please do not use the groups for personal messages or requests, since multiple message notifications will intrude on others).


We connect through Skype account: philiphenryhicks

#WeAreOrthodox #мыПравославные


Check out Spiritual Talks from our Diocesan Bishop Irenei of London and Western Europe: check website for dates and link to Diocesan Facebook Page or Zoom Link.


Переходите на нашу страницу в Facebook и всегда будете в курсе последних новостей.

Visit our Facebook page and always be up to date with the latest news.

Neighbouring parishes  -- Соседние приходы: 

We are starting Russian Orthodox Divine Liturgies one Saturday each month in Cheltenham, supplemented by weekly (Thursday) Akathists (prayer services). We also travel to neighbouring parishes with the aim of building our parish. Please pray for our endeavours to support our community.

Note: Please check website for details and locations before setting off! Please also check our Russian Church Abroad Diocesan website and London Cathedral website for updates.   





Akathist services will be held every Thursday at 7pm

Акафистские службы будут проходить каждый четверг в 19:00




Could this be a new home for our Parish?                                   

Может ли это быть новый дом для нашего прихода?

Христос воскресe! Christ is Risen!

Considering potential candidates for a temple for our parish. Possible locations include two cemetery chapels now disused in Cheltenham. What do our parishioners think? Email your thoughts or suggestions to us at


Annual Pilgrimage to St Alban's

Faithful including pilgrims from Chelteham and Cardiff parishes attended the Diocesan Annual Pilgrimage with His Grace Bishop Itrene: St Alban's Cathedral, Hertfordshire, Saturday 11th May 2019.







CHELTENHAM NEWS: Русская Православная Церковь Заграницей + Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

Check out details of the Kursk Root icon visit to out Diocese: Tuesday 26th March - Sunday 1st April 2019. Nearest parishes are: Oxford, Cardiff and London. See Diocesan website for dates, times and locations. 

 Letter to Cheltenham Parish of Holy Prince Vladimir from Father Mark

Dear brothers and sisters: members of the Cheltenham parish of the Russsian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia!

By now, you will all be aware of the course of events following the uncanonical action of the Constantinople Patriarchate within the canonical territory of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The cessation of communion between our Mother Church of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Phanar was sadly unavoidable, given the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew in invading the canonical territory of a sister Church and entering into communion with schismatics who follow a leader under anathema and who are allied to violent ultra-right-wing nationalists with a programme of hate and intolerance. 

Needless to say, the 'lifting' of the anathema pronounced upon Filaret Denisenko is invalid. He remains an excommunicated layman, outside the Church of Christ, and he and his followers are without grace. Constantinople's communion with these graceless schismatics places it in an uncanonical position itself.

What does this mean for us?

The first obvious effect is that we now need to find another place of worship. Liturgy within a temple of the Constantinople Patriarchate is obviously no longer possible. In the short term we may need to be creative, possibly combining Liturgy with pilgrimages to holy places near to Cheltenham and Gloucester. This is a matter for discussion. Alternatively, we may look for a temporary home. Ideas and suggestions will be most welcome.

The cessation of communion also makes it impossible for members of the Russian Orthodox Church to partake of the Holy Mysteries in the churches of the Greek Archdiocese of Thyateria in Great Britain. However, it is still possible to attend services, even though communion is not possible currently.

With Russian Orthodox parishes in Bristol and Oxford close by, those able to travel are provided for. However, I would also remind you that when possible, you should try to support the nearest parish of your own diocese, in Cardiff.

This is a sad time, but we must not despair. Rather, we must increase our prayer: for His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and for the leaders of the Orthodox Church throughout the world, that in brotherhood and love a solution may be found.

The devil wants us to despair, to lose hope and to give up. As children of the resurrection this is not possible for us. Our faith is one of hope, shining with the light of Christ. Our faith is founded on love, not simply for our own people, but for all: even those that persecute the Church. Our faith is built on and sustained by prayer, often more heartfelt and powerful in times of trial.

Let us reach out in faith, hope, and love, fervent in prayer, and trusting in Christ. Let us not fall prey to the propaganda that paints this as a Russo-Ukrainian-Greek problem. It is NOT. This is a canonical Orthodox problem that affects the whole Orthodox world. Orthodox archpastors of the other Greek Patriarchates are showing love and friendship and speaking words of temperance and wisdom. Remember them in your prayers.

As we guard our mouths, take care in what we write, text and email, keeping silence when circumstance demands, may God guard us and guide us. Let us struggle to preserve peace in our hearts and minds. Unless we can do this, how can we hope for peace in the world?

With love in Christ,

Fr Mark

Further information:

Philip 07467 501339 (English)

Lora 0778 3278457 (Russian/русский)


Письмо в Челтенхемский приход святого князя Владимира от отца Марка

Дорогие братия и сёстры, прихожане Челтнэмского прихода Русской Православной Церкви Заграницей!

К этому времени вам уже известно о развитии событий в следствии неканонического действия Константинопольского Патриархата на канонической территории Украинской Православной Церкви. 

Как это не прискорбно, но разрыва в евхаристическом общении между нашей Матерью Церковью Московского Патриархата и Фанаром (Константинопольским Патриархатом) избежать не удалось из-за с осуществляемых Константинопольским Патриархом Варфоломеем вторжением на каноническую территорию сестры-Цервки и вхождением в евхаристическое общение с раскольниками, лидер которых находится под анафемой, и чьим союзникам из ультра-правого националистического крыла не чужды насилие, ненависть и нетерпимость.   

Само собой разумеется, что объявленное Патриархом Варфоломеем “снятие” анафемы с Филарета Денисенко является недействительным. Он остаётся отлучённым от Церкви Христовой мирянином, и он сам и его последователи лишены Благодати. Вхождение в евхаристическое общение с этими безблагодатными раскольниками ставит и сам Констанинопольский Патриархат в неканоническую позицию.

Что это означает для нас?

Первое и очевидное это то, что нам нужно найти другое место для богослужений. Служить Литургию в храме Констанинопольского Патриархата становится более невозможным. На самое ближайшее время нам возможно понадобится проявить творческий подход, совмещая Литургию с паломничеством к святым местам вблизи Челтнама и Глустера. Конечно, это является предметом для общего обсуждения. В качестве альтернативы мы могли бы поискать и временное пристанище. Все мысли и предложения приветствуются!

Разрыв евхаристического общения также делает невозможным для членов Русской Православной Церкви причащаться Святых Таинств в церквях Греческой Архиепископии Великобритании. Посещение богослужений по-прежнему возможно несмотря на невозможность на данное время причащаться в них Святых Таинств.

Для тех, кто может добраться до находящихся неподалёку приходов Русской Православной Церкви в Бристоле и Оксфорде, одно решение тем самым уже найдено. Однако, мне хотелось бы напомнить, чтобы вы по возможности также постарались поддержать и ближайший приход нашей епархии (Русской Зарубежной Церкви) в Кардифе.

Это грустное время, но мы не должны отчаиваться. Наоборот, мы должны усилить нашу молитву, особенно за Его Блаженство Митрополита Онуфрия и Украинскую Православную Церковь и за предстоятелей всех поместных Православных Церквей по всему миру, чтобы в духе братской любви обрести решение.

Лукавый желает, чтобы мы отчаивались, теряли надежду и отступали. Но, как для чад воскресения, для нас это невозможно. Наша вера – это вера надежды, сияющая светом Христовым. Наша вера основана на любви, не только к нашим близким, но ко всем, даже к тем, кто преследует Церковь. Наша вера построена на молитве, на молитве же она и зиждется, молитва же эта во времена испытаний нередко становится более горячей и сильной.

Давайте же проявим веру, надежду любовь, усердную молитву и упование на Христа. Давайте не поддаваться пропаганде, пытающейся представить всё происходящее как Русско-Украинско-Греческую проблему, ибо это таковой НЕ ЯВЛЯЕТСЯ. Это проблема Православных канонов, прямым образом затрагивающая весь Православный мир. Православные архипастыри других Греческих Патриархатов проявляют к нам свою любовь и дружбу, и в их словах звучат умеренность и мудрость. Поминайте и их в своих молитвах.

Храня наши уста, проявим особую бдительность в том, что мы пишем, в письмах ли или смс или по электронной почте, прибегая к молчанию, если потребует ситуация. Да хранит нас и направляет Господь.  Постараемся сохранить мир в наших сердцах и умах. Ведь как иначе мы можем надеяться на мир во всём мире?

С любовью во Христе

отец Марк


Further information:

Philip 07467 501339 (English)

Lora 0778 3278457 (Russian/русский)


Re-dedication of Cathedral in London - Friday 21st September 

His Grace Bishop Irenei's next visit to the UK in September will coincide with the preparations for the consecration of the Cathedral on Friday 21st September 2018. This great event in our diocesan life falls on the Feast of the Nativity of the Mother of God which will become the Altar Feast of the Cathedral. To mark the importance of this event the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia will meet in London on Thursday 20th September and then participate in the consecration of the Cathedral. Attending the Synod will be the First Hierarch Metropolitan Hilarion,  Archbishop Mark, Archbishop Kyrill, Archbishop Gabriel, Archbishop Peter, Bishop Nicholas and Bishop Irenei. Bishop Nicholas will be bringing the Kursk Root Icon with him. The Diocesan clergy will be attending and also representatives of both the Diocese of Sourozh and other local Orthodox churches. A full programe of the preparations as well as the event itself will be published shortly on the Diocesan website:


However, for your diaries: the All Night Vigil of the Consecration begins at 5.30 p.m.on Thursday 20th September. Then the next morning the Rite of Consecration will begin with the greeting of the Metropolitan at 9.00 a.m. and is expected to start formally at about 9.30 a.m. The Hierarchal Divine Liturgy will begin at approximately 10.30 a.m. The blessing of the Memorial Cross to the Tsar Martyr Nicholas and his family will be after the Liturgy at about 2.00 p.m. followed by a reception in the Cathedral Grounds.

Please pray for all involved in this momentous occasion.


Our Patronal Feast Day

Message from His Grace, Bishop Irenei to our Parish…
To the Reverend Hieromonk Mark
Together With the Faithful Parishioners of
The Parish of the Holy Prince Vladimir, Cheltenham

Dear in Christ, Father Mark and Brethren!
On the occasion of the Patronal Feastday of your parish, please accept my warmest greetings and congratulations with the memory of your Heavenly Protector.
In a land, and a period of history, in which the Light of Christ had not yet transformed the baseness of man’s diminished life into the fullness of glory possible only in Him, the great Prince Vladimir sought wisdom in humility, and received on behalf of multitudes to follow him the true, Life-giving power of Holy Baptism. With that act of humility, reverence and obedience, St Vladimir transformed his heart, and the heart of all his people — and ‘as many as put on Christ’ became the leaven of a new cultural birth. Into darkness, Light shone; and where there had been brutishness and hopelessness, man became not only redeemed and sanctified, but cultured. The beauty that had so affected the hearts of his envoys, became the beauty that St Vladimir’s people sought to draw forth in all aspects of life, showing that, in Christ, all man’s faculties — and even the instruments of society itself — can be transformed
into that which brings glory to God and joy to His creation.
I pray that, on this occasion of your Patronal Feastday, this same love for the beauty of our faith will be renewed and strengthened in all your hearts; that you will seek through the
prayers of St Vladimir the wisdom and humility to bring out all that is best, and holy, and good in mankind and in the society around you.

May God bless you! May the prayers of St Vladimir save you!

Administrator of the British Diocese
Vicar of the Western American Diocese
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
The Bishop of Sacramento

Visit of Myrrh Streaming Icon

мироточивой Иверской иконой Божией Матери
• The Miracle-Working Myrrh-Streaming “Hawaiian-Iveron” Icon of the Mother of God was brought to our parish 18 May 2017 by
His Grace, Bishop Irenei of Sacramento, Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, Fr Paul Elliott, Chancellor of our Diocese, together with Subdeacon Nectarios Yangson, keeper and guardian of the famous Hawaiian Icon of the Mother of God, where a Moleben (prayer service) and Akathist to the Mother of God was held.

Services also held in Bristol, Cardiff,  Oxford and at the Russian Church Abroad Cathedral of The Dormition of the Mother of God and Holy Royal Martyrs in Harvard Road, Chiswick

Please also check the website of the Russian Church Abroad Diocese of Great Britain & Ireland

Next services in Church Slavonic & English ++ Cheltenham: Bentham + Other  locations ++ Cardiff  ++ Birmingham:++ Bristol: ++ Oxford: ++ Cathedral in Chiswick, London: Frequent services 

For Greek Orthodox services according to the New Calendar at Bentham, Cheltenham please check here:  [Note: Greek/English]





Our Orthodox Home – наш православный дом




Thank you to Father Vitaly Serepinas for our last Liturgy of 2016 and the double Baptism of two brothers. We look forward to scheduling more services in 2017 God willing with a possible move to Sundays.








Thank you to Father Patrick Ramsey for serving and our Bristol friends who joined the choir. We welcomed new friends Alistair and also Ekaterina and Sviatislav and their children Edward and Robert who will be baptised soon at Bentham. Thank you to all the Faithful who attended and the continuing support as we build our Parish.

Father Patrick vesting Patriarch at the ROCOR London Cathedral on the visit of Kirill, Patriarch of All Russia, to the UK to celebrate 300 years of Russian Orthodox Church in the British Isles.


Father Paul Elliott, Chancellor of the Diocese of Great Britain & Ireland, Russian Church Abroad  served at our fifth anniversary of our first Divine Liturgy at Bentham on Saturday 3rd September 2016. Here are some photos from the day, when Fr Elliott presented the parish with a beautiful icon of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.





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————————————————————– Welcome to our Church where we hold services one Saturday a month in Church Slavonic & English and on two alternate Sundays each month in Greek & English



Why not join our growing choir? Details here

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Our community was founded on 25th July 2011,in the week of the feast day of St Prince Vladimir of Kiev & All Rus (28 July). We are part of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (also known as the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia – ROCOR).

Владимир Святославич. Vladimir Sviatoslavich the Great. Equal with the Apostles.Originally a pagan, Vladimir converted to Christianity in 988 and proceeded to baptise all of Kievan Rus.

Our mission

To provide anyone with an interest in the Russian Orthodox faith with a safe and family-friendly community and spiritual home in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.


One of the younger members of our church, who attends with mum and dad and little sister.

Welcome to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Community in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds . We are a mission parish and open to any Orthodox Christians or simply those who have an interest in the oldest form of Christianity with roots that go back to the Holy Apostles. In our community, which attracts a variety of people of different ages from across the Cotswolds and beyond, you will find Orthodox Christians from a variety of backgrounds. Our new community, which has ambitions to grow and evolve, includes British worshippers and those from Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and other Slavic countries, some of them newcomers or from second or third generations or from even farther back .

Orthodox Church of St John Chrysostom in Bentham,near Cheltenham,home to our community

Our services are in Church Slavonic and English. we are under the auspices of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, headed by Metropolitan HILARION of New York and Eastern America. Our friendly and growing community is under the spiritual guidance of His Eminence Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany and Great Britain & Ireland, Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. Our priest Father Vladimir Vilgerts is attached to our Cathedral Parish in London, The Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God and the Holy Royal Martyrs. The Holy Liturgy takes place at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. John Chrysostom in Bentham Lane, Bentham, GL3 4UD, near Cheltenham. We are very grateful to all at the Greek Orthodox Community, headed by Father Anthimos Papandreou, for making us feel welcome and allowing us to use their beautiful church. When possible we hold joint services between the congregations. We are especially active in outreach with the local communities, supporting language interest groups, Chaplaincy at the University of

Yuliya & Ian on BBC radio show

Gloucestershire,  joint missions with other Orthodox Parishes, involvement with the media including slots on our local station BBC Radio Gloucestershire and cultural events including concerts of sacred and folk music. In addition, we have a growing number of young families and the community plans to establish opportunities for our church members of all ages to learn more about our faith and cultures. We welcome your visit both here on our webpage and in person at our parish. Please also check out our social media presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter which we hope will also help you keep up to date with our activities and latest news. More information: call 07467 510339 or Email: