Dates to be agreed with target Spring/Summer start 2018 

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By popular demand we are very pleased

to offer FREE Catechism Classes Spring/Summer 2018.

2018 – adult catechism classes in Cheltenham 

The course will comprise 8 sessions, each lasting approximately two hours. Instruction will be offered in English. The course is free but we ask that attendees make a contribution to the costs of the course leader.
Venue: Central Cheltenham – location to be advised  [NB: Registration/interest required in advance]: or phone: 07467 510339   

Course elements

  • Session 1 –  Introduction: Orthodoxy
  • Session 2 – Worship
  • Session 3 – The Holy Bible
  • Session 4 – Divine Liturgy 
  • Session 5 – Holy Sacraments
  • Session 6 – Prayers & Etiquette in Church
  • Session 7 –  Spirituality
  • Session 8 – Summary and Conclusion  

The Russian Orthodox Church has the responsibility to teach all who are interested about our faith – including catechism classes, for newcomers to the Faith; and further forms of education for those who are already Baptised Orthodox Christians. Fr Stephen has conducted classes for the past two years – mixed English and Russian speakers. These classes were extremely popular and described as “enlightening and easy to understand”.  As a result a number of catechumens have been Baptised (all of them are native English-speakers).


Provisionally we will meet at a central location or other venues at private residences in Cheltenham to be advised.

download (33)Catechism classes for adults in English in Cheltenham (2018) please email: Catechism enquiry stating your name and contact details to 

All of the dates for this next catechetical course have yet to be fixed, and will be open to anyone who is interested – whether catechumen or life-long Orthodox; designed to teach all people a solid foundation in Orthodox Christian theology.

We look forward to meeting with those who wish to take instruction or anyone who is simply interested in learning more about Orthodox Christianity. In the meantime, please refer to these excellent primers:

The Orthodox Faith – by Father Thomas Hopko

also known as The Rainbow Series


The Longer Catechism of The Orthodox, Catholic, Eastern Church also known as the Catechism of St. Philaret (Drozdov) of Moscow (Св. Филарет, Митрополит Московски)

Examined and Approved by the Most Holy Governing Synod, and Published for the Use of Schools, and of all Orthodox Christians, by Order of His Imperial Majesty (Moscow, at the Synodical Press, 1830.)

The English translation here given was prepared by the Rev. R. W. Blackmore, B.A., formerly chaplain to the Russia Company in Kronstadt, and published at Aberdeen, 1845, in the Uncategorized


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Orthodox TV Channel Soyuz

Russian Language School Dialogue (Cheltenham)


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