Russian Orthodox Community
in Gloucestershire & Cotswolds

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Church of Christ is united by one faith and one belief in God, unchanged from the time of the Twelve Apostles. However, there are different administrations or “national churches” across the world, such as the Greek Church, the Russian Church, the Serbian Church, etc.

If you are already Orthodox, and wish to join the parish, you may simply tell the priest of your intent. You may be asked at some point if you are financially able to make a pledge of support to the church, but this is not necessary for parish membership.

Any Orthodox Christian may join our Russian Orthodox parish at any time. In the United Kingdom, there exist various jurisdictions; each layman is free to attend whatever parish he wishes to make his home. You should not, however, dart restlessly from one parish to another, with the result that you never find a true home in which to become established and grow spiritually.

If you are not Orthodox, tell the priest of your interest in Orthodoxy. He will guide you to further study, which may include a formal catechism, with special prayers for growth in faith, for wisdom, banishing of the devil, etc. After a period of time (generally a number of months), you may be ready to receive Holy Baptism and so be joined to the Holy Orthodox Church. If you have already been baptized into some other faith that names Christ, tell the priest this too, and he will tell you how you are to be received into the Church.

Seek God with your whole heart.

Contact Details:

St John Chrysostom Greek Orthodox Church

Bentham Lane




Phone: 07957 345 188 (English) or 0778 3278457 (Russian)


May the prayers of the Mother of God be with you and enlighten you, preserving you in virtue and from all harm through the grace of Christ.